Filter pack Defender 4000 – Medifilter/2 carbon filters

Description : The original medifilter (cartridge) for the FQ Defender 4000 captures polluting dust particles, microbes and viruses from the air. As well as harmful gases with efficiencies up to 99.99 % to 0.1 micron . Comparison reference HEPA industry standard achieves only 99.97% to 0.3…



FilterQueen Defender Filters: Optimization of Air Quality
Medifilter: Achieve remarkable 99.99% efficiency in capturing contaminants, viruses and microbes as small as 0.1 microns. Annual replacement maintains optimal performance, well above standard HEPA filter.
Carbon Filter: FilterQueen Defender’s carbon filter goes beyond physical particles. It focuses on absorbing and reducing gases, odors and chemicals. Whether for cooking, smoking or renovations, the carbon filter contributes to a noticeable improvement in indoor air quality. Replace the carbon filter every six months, or sooner if there are noticeable odor problems.
Additional functionality: The FilterQueen Defender filters stand out for their focused functionality. While the media filter excels in particulate filtration, the carbon filter specifically addresses gases and odors, contributing to healthier indoor air without unnecessary commercial promises.
Important: Maintaining warranty and service requires the use of original HMI filters from EuroQueen.
Safety: Disconnect the unit for filter replacement for safety reasons.

Quality: Choose authentic HMI filters from authorized distributors such as EuroQueen for guaranteed quality and service.

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