Defender – medical air purifier White/Bronze

Looking for an efficient and medical air purifier that does the job as it should ? Then the FilterQueen Defender from EuroQueen is for you. We hear it every day now : good hygiene can save lives . In our pursuit of living in optimal hygienic conditions, we take a…



FilterQueen Defender: Professional Medical Air Purifier
Protection: The approved FilterQueen Defender removes viruses, bacteria, allergens and harmful particles with 99.99% efficiency down to 0.1 microns, without ozone production.
Approval: Class II medical product, tested according to ISO 13485 and ISO 9001, approved by FPS Public Health Belgium.
Applications: Ideal for home and professional environments such as hospitals, offices, and stores.
Research:Scientific studies conducted by Hospital Infection Control Team (HICT) of UZ GENT confirm the effectiveness of the Defender.
Ease of use: Quiet, adjustable and low maintenance, the Defender provides continuous air purification.
Wellbeing: Invest in healthy indoor air for wellness, including an included sticker highlighting engagement.

Choose a healthy environment with the FilterQueen Defender from EuroQueen!


  • Defender Air Purifier 4000
  • 1 x medifilter
  • 1 x activated carbon filter
  • White & bronze in color

We extend the engine warranty by 1 year when you purchase the annual package of filters from EuroQueen on an annual basis.

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