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A central vacuum system from Euroqueen offers numerous benefits for homeowners looking for an efficient, comfortable and healthy way to vacuum.

With a central vacuum system, you can enjoy a powerful cleaning solution that frees your home of dust and allergens.

We like to discuss the benefits of our system, focusing on the efficiency, comfort and health benefits it provides.

The benefits of a EuroQueen central vacuum system

Belgian family business with more than 36 years of experience in the sector both residential, professional and industrial

EuroQueen central vacuums are primal and durable.

Low dB and considering the central motor unit is in a separate room you can vacuum in silence and the baby and children can continue sleeping. Ideal also for the work environment.

With EuroQueen, we completely eliminate clogging and suction loss: we work with anti-static CE approved tubes from EuroQueen with a diameter of 50.8 mm and 2 mm wall thickness which gives dust, cement dust no chance to settle in the first year of operation.

With EuroQueen’s unique flushing system integrated into your unit, the optional float system will easily flush and disinfect the tubes if desired or needed before dirt, dust , hair and debris have a chance to settle into an unsolvable problem.

This is unique in the central vacuum cleaner industry.

No exhaust to the outside is needed with the EuroQueen units, so no heat loss, no façade pollution, good for the environment and no conflict with the ventilation system.

When innovation and technology go together, there is no more loss of suction power here but on the contrary: the fuller the collection bank gets the better the suction power is thanks to the cyclonic action and EuroQueen’s cone-shaped hepa filter.

Exceptional warranty conditions on the engine(s) of the EuroQueen aircraft “Venus & Apollo” from the year of construction 2022:

10 (ten) years on the engine of appliances for residential users. A TF engine built for EuroQueen with more than 1,500 operating hours is therefore the engine of choice for solid and durable use.

Competitors and other classic vacuums have an average of 350 to 750 operating hours

The assembly of our devices is still done with the presence of a team of experts who assemble and check each device for perfection. This is done in our warehouses in Tournai, where our devices are also produced and assembled. We still put a lot of faith in knowledge and valuable labor from people with expert knowledge.

EuroQueen has been in existence for over 36 years and is a company with succession, we work with a team of installers of techniques who will perform your pipe installation with care and knowledge. Before chapping, we always perform a negative pressure check.

A central vacuum system from EuroQueen definitely adds value to your project in terms of comfort & well-being in the home.

Dust and dirt we’re going to remove much faster with a central vacuum system because we have less work dragging, moving the plug, we’re going to clean to depth, fine dust doesn’t get a chance to move on your furniture….

With a EuroQueen central vacuum, we will work up to three times faster. We save time and money.

With a central vacuum we are going to provide the flexible hose with a protective cover to protect the precious furniture, paintwork. Also, the absence of a heavy and smelly vacuum cleaner is also going to prevent this problem from now on.

Due to the durable system and rock-solid materials, we are going to save money and not buy a new vacuum cleaner every 3-5 years, moreover, the usage of the central vacuum cleaner EuroQueen is much lower but still we have no suction power loss thanks to the unique operation of the motor, cyclonic action and H13 washable filter.

No more changing and buying expensive dust bags, virtually maintenance-free, saving time because we can always vacuum quietly even while others are sleeping, studying, working, talking on the phone, there are customers present….

These 3 assets contribute to the value of a central vacuum system, people who are allergic or suffer from lung diseases should actually NOT have a vacuum cleaner in their home due to the fact that the “classic old-fashioned way of vacuuming” contributes to indoor pollution.

We are no longer going to blow fine dust, harmful viruses, bacteria around in the space where we dwell, live, work and sleep. Also not in the tech room, storage room, garage …. The EuroQueen central vacuum operates with a washable H13 Hepa filter to further protect you and your environment.

Good for the back, no more dragging through the house and up the stairs and good for peace and quiet for everyoneNo more smelly odors from a noisy dust monster in the house.

EuroQueen has its own depot where our customers can go for repairs, maintenance, accessories such as brushes, tubes, installation materials, the robot, and other products.

Our staff in your area will also come to your home by simple request.

All parts, products immediately available from stock.

Can’t come by? Then take a look at our
and we will send your order to you.

Our devices are compatible on pre-existing projects.

Do you have a problem? Contact us and we’ll see what we can do for you together.

EuroQueen’s robot is here. This robot does the work for you. An innovation that is compatible also with other brands of central vacuum systems and easy to install even without roofing in existing homes, offices…

With an app on your smartphone, you can initiate and program the robot ahead, it vacuums and mops the desired course and goes to empty itself of dust and dirt into central collection bin of the central vacuum.

The collection tray is transparent and very easy to take out by a simple sliding motion: super fast, washable, and convenient for everyone!

The Hepa filter we are going to easily replace and discard every 2 years. The filter is washable and can be washed out up to 4 times.

A regular traditional vacuum cleaner is heavy, awkward, heavy lugging, unhealthy, a major polluter of indoor air quality, not good for the environment, expensive, noisy and old-fashioned.

“Everyone has a vacuum cleaner” but hates vacuuming for various known reasons and disadvantages. This is a fact.

After innovative and smart products such as a PC, a ventilation system, a heat pump, a smartphone, there is now EuroQueen’s central vacuum cleaner.

We build smart and progressive: thinking about the future and well-being at home and at work are “hip” facts that’s why we are now also going into our new construction or our renovation project: vacuuming anno 2023.

With various accessories for even more convenience and comfort, EuroQueen gathers everything in one to keep your home dust-free and neat.

The benefits of a EuroQueen central vacuum system

  1. Powerful suction: A central vacuum system provides exceptional suction, allowing you to effectively remove dust, dirt and allergens.
  2. Quiet operation: Unlike portable vacuum cleaners, the motor of a central vacuum system is located in a separate room, allowing you to vacuum in peace without noise and disturbance.
  3. Convenience and convenience: With strategically placed nozzles in your home, you no longer have to lug around a heavy vacuum cleaner and cords. Simply connect the hose and start vacuuming.
  4. Efficient cleaning: Thanks to a larger dust collection capacity of the central vacuum system, you need to empty the dust container or dust bag less often compared to portable vacuum cleaners.
  5. Improved air quality: Central vacuum systems provide improved air quality by removing dust and allergens directly to an enclosed reservoir outside the living spaces.
  6. No unpleasant odors and blown-out dust: The central vacuum system prevents dust and dirt from being blown back into the air, making unpleasant odors and windblown dust a thing of the past.
  7. Suitable for people with allergies: A central vacuum system effectively removes allergens from your home, giving people with allergies or respiratory problems a healthier living environment.
  8. Reduced noise level: Since the motor is located in a separate room, noise and vibration are significantly reduced, allowing you to vacuum in peace and quiet. Ideal for work environments Where no one is disturbed while vacuuming.
  9. Valuable investment: A central vacuum system can increase the value of your home, as it is considered a high-value feature that appeals to many home buyers.
  10. Longer life of carpets and floors: The powerful suction system of a central vacuum system provides deeper cleaning of carpets and floors. By effectively removing dust, dirt and allergens, it helps extend the life of your carpets and floors. This means you can enjoy your investment longer and your floors stay looking like new longer. The positive aspect of this is that you save money on replacing carpets and floors in the long run, making the central vacuum system a cost-effective choice.
  11. Environmentally friendly: Central vacuum systems are more environmentally friendly than traditional vacuum cleaners because they do not use disposable bags that need to be replaced regularly. This reduces the amount of waste generated.

Only advantages

  1. Installation costs: We can reduce installation costs with EuroQueen’s attractive“do it yourself package. We offer this package of professional and solid materials at the best price and conditions. EuroQueen helps you develop a plan!

    That way, we are going to save on hourly wages and receive the best price for a durable, rock solid appliance and the best installation materials, this is a double benefit. In addition, do-it-yourselfers enjoy free advice.

    For questions on site: A handy manual as well as a video is always included with delivery of the goods.

  2. Less maintenance: At EuroQueen, the appliances are virtually maintenance-free in residential use. This is unlike other systems that require annual maintenance.

  3. Additional mobility: When the study of the floor plan is properly calculated and sufficient suction contacts are provided in the house, so that the length of the featherweight flexible hose is limited, everything can be easily reached without problems…

How does EuroQueen make a difference?

  • Many central vacuum cleaners are manufactured abroad, whether in the United States or Turkey, China, Taiwan… Unfortunately, the quality is not comparable and the devices are clumsy, have high consumption and make a lot of noise. Digital screens also break down quickly due to dust… EuroQueen is 100% Belgian family-owned company with more than 37 years of experience.
  • Our vacuum systems work without dust bags, and with a hose that discharges the dust directly. The result is a system where dust cannot be released.
  • The everyday central vacuum cleaner still works in the authentic way of a classic cantilever vacuum cleaner in terms of the motor, dust bags, cheap PVC or iron trays that rust….
  • At EuroQueen, we use a transparent, lightweight collection container made of Polyprene. This is strong, washable and easy to remove from the unit.
  • With EuroQueen, there is no loss of suction power thanks to the combination of the conical Hepa filter, cyclonic action and TF motor.
  • EuroQueen’s motors last up to 3 times longer than the motors of the classic central vacuum cleaner or the classic cantilever vacuum cleaner.
  • Our central vacuums consume less than alternatives and are also virtually maintenance-free.
  • Euroqueen keeps working on innovation, noise reduction and ecological aspect.
  • Inexpensive systems often incur high long-term costs and require faster cleaning. Our systems use less energy and are much less likely to break down.
  • We provide comprehensive service and in-house placement service.
  • EuroQueen does have the ability to clear blockages in the pipes, keeping the system usable.
  • Our devices are compatible with existing pipe systems, even from other manufacturers.
  • Unique to EuroQueen: tube flushing and disinfection to ensure sustainable and trouble-free use of the system, thanks to the optional float system.
  • EuroQueen is a 100% Belgian family business with careful, personal succession.
  • Satisfied customers and references both in companies and individuals.
  • EuroQueen supplies and installs residential, professional and industrial. This in collaboration with licensed, experienced, trained professionals.
  • Replace the washable filter in no time: No exhaust to the outside required, so no heat loss and no conflict with the ventilation system, also no contamination of the facade.

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