Filter package – Defender 3000 – medifilter+2 carbon filters



FilterQueen Defender: clean air and health

  • The FilterQueen Defender provides clean air at home 24/7, promoting breathing, immunity and sleep. It can help reduce medication and medical costs.
  • The original Medifilter for the FilterQueen Defender 3000 captures dust particles, microbes, viruses, harmful gases and odors with up to 99.99% efficiency down to 0.1 microns. Replacement is usually annual, but this may vary. A button on the device indicates replacement.
  • When smoking in the room with the Defender or with pets, it is advised to change the Medifilter sooner.
  • The carbon filter enhances indoor gas purification and can address odors and propellants. These activate as soon as they are unpacked and inserted. Replace the carbon filter every 6 months or when odor return is noticeable.
  • The package includes 1 Medifilter and 2 carbon filters for your convenience.
  • Note: Filters for Defender 3000 do not fit the 4000 series. Check the product number of your device to ensure compatibility.
  • Delivery time: 7-15 days.
  • When changing filters, always unplug the device.

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