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Low maintenance

EuroQueen’s central vacuum operates with a filter that lasts 2 years in residential use.

For professional use, we recommend changing the filter every 6 to 12 months, depending on the intensity of use and the degree of soiling.

The system also has a transparent see-through container that you empty once every six months under normal use.


Classical cantilever vacuums get close to 75 decibels (dB) and thus cause hearing damage.

EuroQueen’s Apollo model (63 dB) and Venus model (58.6 dB) fortunately remain well below this limit. Even the cat doesn’t get stressed!


Are you allergic? With EuroQueen’s central vacuum systems, no dust particles are released when vacuuming.

You can breathe easy. In addition to removing dust and organic waste such as animal hair, human hair, bread crumbs, sand and dust, EuroQueen’s central vacuum system also flushes and disinfects your system’s tubes.

This ensures long-term use of your tube system without problems.


Healthy air and ecology are very important to us.

Because our central vacuum system has no outlet to the outside, you are spared from façade contamination or heat loss.

In addition, we take care of recycling your old vacuum cleaner.

Why a EuroQueen central vacuum?

Thanks to a rock-solid device with a powerful TF motor, the combination of cyclone technology and innovation, and an eye for smart products anno 2023, we are eliminating “suction loss”.

No more with constantly changing the dust bag or a malfunctioning vacuum cleaner that is clunky and smells bad. Thanks to the study on an H13-level filter in a cone shape, we are going to create a mini cyclone in the transparent container during vacuuming.

As a result, the suction power is much greater and more dust and dirt ends up in the container. This is in contrast to the classic central vacuum cleaner that works with only a filter, a dust bag or without a bag.

From now on, we will vacuum“anno 2023” with consideration for the environment, well-being and health. We get rid of useless, heavy and noisy vacuums that blow around fine dust, bacteria, viruses, pollen and allergens.

We no longer cook on the stovetop, we no longer communicate as we did in the years gone by, but we still vacuum the same way. This is something EuroQueen wants to change, together with the forward-looking building owner.

We go for a clean home in a healthy environment with “clean air,” where breathing, living and working go hand in hand with vacuuming in silence, in a responsible and efficient way.


A central vacuum from EuroQueen will last about 25 years. EuroQueen works only with sustainable materials. For example, the collection container is made of sturdy polycarbonate.

We guarantee a warranty on the motor of Venus up to 15 years and of Apollo up to 10 years. (for residential use only).


A unique feature within the central vacuum cleaner industry: every EuroQueen model flushes your tubes.

Blockages and loss of suction power due to contamination in the pipes are not a problem with EuroQueen.

Mold, odors from food scraps, accumulation of dirt and hair are also not given a chance to accumulate and clog…


EuroQueen has been a Belgian manufacturer of central vacuum systems since 1987.

Your current central vacuum is defective or in need of replacement (including other brands)? We are happy to discuss what we can do for you and strive to find the best solution to your problem.

Our devices are perfectly compatible with existing pipe systems of other brands.

Belgian top quality

The result of years of experience, knowledge, craftsmanship and productive cooperation with research companies, universities, high schools in Belgium and the Netherlands.


Are you a construction promoter, a study and/or technical firm, architect or installer and are you working on a new construction or renovation project?

EuroQueen will be happy to advise you on a customized central vacuum system.

Service within 48h

EuroQueen values being an accessible partner and guarantees an answer to your question within 48 hours.


EuroQueen thinks very future-oriented and wants to continuously evolve with time. All of our products are modular, so they can be updated quickly.

Up to 10 years warranty

EuroQueen provides a 10-year warranty on the motor and 3 years on the parts of the appliances for residential users.

Only licensed installers

EuroQueen works with an extensive network of distributors. Only licensed installers install our systems.


“The right material ensures the best results.”

Extended due to success!

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