Defender – medical air purifier Black/Bronze

Version black/bronze



FilterQueen Defender: professional medical air purifier

The approved FilterQueen Defender removes viruses, bacteria, allergens and harmful particles with 99.99% efficiency down to 0.1 microns, without ozone production.


Class II medical product, tested according to ISO 13485 and ISO 9001, approved by FPS Public Health Belgium.


Ideal for home and professional environments such as hospitals, offices, and stores.


Scientific studies conducted by Hospital Infection Control Team (HICT) of UZ GENT confirm the effectiveness of the Defender.

Ease of use:

Quiet, adjustable and low maintenance, the Defender provides continuous air purification.


Invest in healthy indoor air for wellness, including an included sticker highlighting commitment.

Choose a healthy environment with the FilterQueen Defender from EuroQueen!

  • Defender Air Purifier 4000
  • 1 x medifilter
  • 1 x activated carbon filter
  • White & bronze in color

We extend the engine warranty by 1 year when you purchase the annual package of filters from EuroQueen on an annual basis.

Additional information

Weight 2,1 kg

Extended due to success!

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