EuroQueen float system: Simple and fast tube flushing and disinfection.

Description : EuroQueen’s float system is unique . It is an optional part of your central vacuum system EuroQueen. Suitable for both Venus & Apollo models. Easily flush and disinfect tubes. Why? Easy to clean your pipes of contamination and clogging…



Description :
EuroQueen’s float system is unique. It is an optional part of your EuroQueen central vacuum system. Suitable for both Venus & Apollo models.

Do you have a lot of contamination in the pipes? For example by food scraps, hair, pet hair, you are professional? Or you have a blockage in your existing system (other than EuroQueen’s brand)? Contact us and we will assist you, with your specific questions and problems. Our devices are compatible on other tube systems.

A licensed technician can easily come and flush the system at your place or you can also do it yourself.

Easy to clean your pipes from contamination and prevent clogging in the future.
In this way, we are also going to flush bacteria out of the tubes that can cause a nasty odor over the years.

There is only 1 efficient way to flush and disinfect central vacuum tubes.

Pipe flushing is not mandatory but it is the lifesaver in many cases and also a preventive way to keep pipes free of contamination, dust and sand.

Many vacuum cleaning systems that are often cheap when purchased, but not durable, often result in many problems such as clogs, which are virtually impossible to solve and end in not using the system anymore. This is unfortunate. This is where your investment in a low-cost system goes completely to waste, and that was certainly not your intention when you made your purchase. A central vacuum system is only cost-effective if it is strong and durable. The only option is to unclog the pipes with the EuroQueen float system to clear the blockage. And the pass rate is 90% .

Flushing pipes is easily done with a EuroQueen central vacuum cleaner and EuroQueen’s float system.

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