Flexible vacuum hose 7.60 m with on/off switch at ergo handle

EuroQueen’s handy lightweight flexible vacuum hose is easy and smooth to use, equipped with an on and off button at the convenient handle. The flexible is simple and easy to store.


This vacuum hose from EuroQueen, with excellent quality features a convenient on-off switch on the handle. This convenient vacuum hose allows you to easily turn the vacuum on and off without having to walk to the vacuum outlet. Insert the vacuum hose and you can easily operate the vacuum cleaner with the switch on the handle. Many people choose this vacuum cleaner hose with on-off switch so that they can quickly turn off the vacuum cleaner when, for example, the phone or doorbell rings, or when they need to set something aside for a moment to make vacuuming easier.

In addition, the handle of the vacuum hose has a slider that allows you to control the suction power. This slider is also known as the false air regulator. By opening or closing the slider more, you can adjust the intensity of the suction. If the brush sucks too strongly on the floor, you can open the slider to make vacuuming easier.

All vacuum hoses for the central vacuum system are equipped with an ergonomic handle that rotates 360° for comfortable and efficient use. This hose is ideal when you are at work and the phone rings or when you just want to move something. You can easily turn off your central vacuum with the on-off switch on the vacuum hose.

  • The flexible is simple and easy to store.
  • This vacuum hose is compatible with other systems.

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