Retractable hose system (Retraflex) kit with all accessories and inlet valve

Always at your fingertips and always ready to use. The hose disappears into the wall, (is NOT coiled), just as easily as you take it out. The retractable hose system is an innovation: the latest in central vacuuming….

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Because of the modifications to the design, and therefore to the piping layout, the retractable hose system is only applicable in new construction and
thorough renovation. For this, you can find the installation kit for the retractable hose system with us.

You can combine the regular hoses and the retractable system for optimum ease of use ? For example, you can install the pull-out system on the ground floor and upstairs, so that in the rooms where you vacuum a lot, you always have your hose at your fingertips.

Do you have a basement, garage or attic? Then install conventional inlet valves there.


  • Retractable hose with on and off button on handle
  • Inlet valve
  • Telescopic tube
  • Floor and parquet brush (natural fiber)
  • Crevice tool
  • Dust Brush
  • Seat and curtain brush
  • Pipe holder wall
  • Caddy for accessories (always everything at hand).

Do you have carpets? A carpet brush or turbo brush are available separately.

Additional information

Weight 2,5 kg

12 m, 15 m

Extended due to success!

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