QB-200 the central vacuum unit for the smaller project


This unique product is suitable for the smaller home, apartment, studio, or student room.

It is installed like a central vacuum system is installed, with pipes, fittings and bends and is suitable for an area of up to 200 m². It can be hung on the wall or it can be built into an optional metal cabinet.

Thanks to an ecological design, the dust and dirt is collected in a hygienic way that is very user-friendly and with a self-adhesive closure to ensure optimal hygiene and convenience for the user.

The system also works with a cyclone and through a valve the dirt and dust is easily sucked into the collection bin. The disposable collection container is Biodegradable and is also an Eco friendly product.

The filter is washable and easy to remove and replace. The filter also purifies the air drawn in so that the air blown out is purified of dust and bacteria.

For system maintenance, a simple hook wrench is provided at the front of the unit. Thus, this is quick an easy to achieve. The noise of the unit is reduced to 58 dB. The system can be placed outdoors : thanks to an IP 55 socket, the socket is protected from dust and water and is suitable for outdoor placement. (e.g. on the terrace, balcony, facade…)

The unit’s motor functions with a soft start system and is also placed inside the unit in a specially designed compartment to absorb noise.

Operates up to 10 nozzles over a length of up to 30 meters to the last nozzle. (recommended).

This product works through a central vacuum hose with or without radio frequency.


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