EuroQueen Hepa filter washable for the EQ Venus and Apollo piece price



EuroQueen’s new wash-out Hepa filter lasts two years in residential use. The filters are being updated and will be available from 15102023. You can pre-order this filter if desired. The updated Hepa filter (H13) purifies down to 0.1 microns to 99.99% and is also washable. Clean air also in the technical room, so no exhaust to the outside is needed with our devices. In this way, we counteract a conflict with the ventilation system, there is no chance of heat and energy loss and also no pollution of your facade and good for the environment.

The filter is washable up to 4 times but must be placed back completely dry after washing.

How to wash the filter correctly ?

Hold the filter under a gentle stream of cold to lukewarm water without detergent.

Tip : Dust the filter before washing

Note : it is recommended to always have two filters in your home so that you NEVER vacuum without a filter.

By replacing your filter on time, you are going to extend the life of your motor and prevent suction loss.

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