FilterQueen BIO filter package 6 months

6 Conical BIO filters + 1 Medipure filter + 1 motor filter



Package includes:

  • 6Conical BioFilters: Creates a nearly impenetrable wall against pollutants and protects the life of your Unit’s motor and Medipure filter Cone. Always use your FilterQueen Majestic vacuum cleaner with an original filter. Replace the filter every time you empty your container (1 filter per month). Never use your device without this filter!
  • 1 Medipure Premium Filter Cone: Contains a layer of non-woven microfiber media that reduces harmful gases, pollen, common bacteria, allergens, bad odors and viruses. A second filter layer of filter media contains activated carbon to fight unpleasant odors. Replace the filter every 6 months.
  • 1 round motor filter: Secures the FilterQueen vacuum cleaner motor to keep it in optimal condition. Replace the filter every 6 months.


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