Apollo central vacuum cleaner with two powerful TF motors The Powerful, and most user-friendly appliance that is durable and Belgian

The EuroQueen Apollo central vacuum cleaner is a device exclusively designed by EuroQueen, it has two very powerful motors. With the Apollo, you can install up to 22 inlet valves in the wall. At 63 dB, it is also a very quiet device. The handle has a simple on and off button….



Additional Information

The EuroQueen Apollo central vacuum cleaner is an exclusively designed by us. It has two very powerful motors and stays well below the annoying limit of 75dB, making it very quiet. A simple on/off button easily controls this device.

  • Washable Hega filter ( up to 3 times better than Hepa filtration) purifies air down to 0.1 microns to 99.99% – tested and approved
  • For larger homes (plus 350 m² and/or with up to 100m of pipe)
  • Up to 22 suction nozzles
  • 2 TF Amatek motors
  • 63 Decibels-quiet for a unit with two powerful and durable motors

The EuroQueen central vacuum cleaner is a Belgian product, designed and manufactured in Tournai, Belgium.

EuroQueen is a family-owned company with more than 35 years of experience in the industry and continues to guarantee top quality durable products.

Antibacterial flushing of the tubing system

With a separate float system, we can flush your pipes. Of course, you can also do this yourself, if you wish. We are happy to provide the necessary advice with you.

Why tube coils?

EuroQueen’s flushing system allows you to prevent bacteria, contamination and clogging in your pipes. This way you also avoid unpleasant odors through the suction nozzles.

Do you have an existing system that is not from EuroQueen? If so, we may be able to help you solve and reactivate your system in the event of a clog.

Contact us: info@euroqueen.be

A custom vacuum system?

Are you an architect, a construction professional or a developer? EuroQueen is happy to provide customized advice. We calculate your client’s floor plan and work together to plan a smooth installation with the building owner.


The device is virtually maintenance-free. Replace the washable Hepa filter every year with normal residential use. For professional use, we recommend changing the filter every 6 months. The collection tray is transparent and easy to empty. Also, the Hepa filter is washable, up to 4x per filter. Note: The Hepa filter must be placed back completely dry.


Do you need service or repair? EuroQueen has a mobile repair service that will help you within 48 hours. You can also visit our new depot for repairs by appointment. If you are a professional, we are of course ready to provide tailored advice.


The price of the Apollo includes 1 wash-out Hepa Filter and includes warranty on the parts of the unit, being 3 years and 10 years on the motors (valid for residential use only). Excluding accessories.

Additional features of the Apollo EuroQueen central vacuum cleaner

  • Fireproof material – fire standard V0
  • Double insulated
  • No suction loss
  • Voltage: 220-240 V
  • Input power: 1150 watts x 2
  • Soft start
  • Air Flow: 223,200 m³/h-248,900m³/h
  • Negative pressure: 30 Kpa
  • Filtration: Cyclone & washable Hepa filter
  • Unit dimensions (h x w x d): 785 cm x 338 cm x 385 cm
  • Transparent collection container capacity: 21 l.
  • Body: H.I.P.S (UL-94-VO)
  • Compatible with Retraflex
  • Compatible with the TUBO Robot vacuum cleaner with mopping function

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